My service begins with a one to one conversation, to discuss the clients requirements. During this consultation process, I clarify with the client the options available to them regarding the features they want to incorporate in the bathroom.


Aside from normal bathroom appliances these features can include:

  • Added heating options (underfloor / various towel rails etc)
  • Tiling (stone, porcelain, ceramic or marble tiles etc)
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Lighting options
  • Luxury items (whirlpool baths, jacuzzis, LCD screens etc)



At this stage we also determine whether the client wishes me to source the bathroom appliances, or if they wish to buy them themselves and simply have me install everything. I can accommodate either.

Once I have a clear idea of what the client wants, I will price up the job and provide the client in writing a quote that is all inclusive. I will go over again with the client what I am going to do so that there are no mis-understandings. The important thing for me is that the client gets the bathroom they want.




Project Details: